About us

  • 1959
    Technology licensing agreement signed with EMS to polymerize nylon 6
  • 1965
    Monofilament extrusion
  • 1967
    Nylon 6/66 polymerization
  • 1974
    Extrusão de multifilamento de nylon 6 de alta tenacidade
    High tenacity nylon 6 mutifilament extrusion
  • 1978
    Nylon 6/66 suture extrusion

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Mazzaferro Monofilaments  is the largest producer of technical yarns in the southern hemisphere and serves more than 50 different industrial transformation chains. Monofilaments used in the automotive, textile, agricultural industries and their bristles supplied to the largest companies producing toothbrushes.

Mazzaferro Medical is a highly qualified business unit that supplies the medical market on a global scale. Production of complex medical devices for orthopedics, surgical sutures and sports medicine.

Mazzaferro Household is the housewares division that produces and sells high quality brooms, squeegees, brushes and shovels. Technology, efficiency, durability and Italian design in a wide range of products for your home.