MZF4: the first ISO Innovation certified in Latin America!

MZF4, an MZF Holding company, has just become the first ISO 56002 certified company for innovation management and development practices in our region.

A company that has PASSION as one of its main values. We are passionate about enchanting and surprising our customers and partners! Our INNOVATIVE DNA comes from our Italian origin, 70 years ago.

In almost than 50 applications and business chains in which we operate, bringing nylon to the daily lives of thousands of people in over 60 countries around the globe, we are the first! When we were provoked to treat our waste and promote the reverse logistics of what we produce, we were the first! And now, as a mid-sized company with big dreams, we have prepared once again and during one year we’ve adapted our practices to the culture, managing and developing innovation. The result couldn’t be different!

Our thanks to our partners, customers, suppliers and especially to our team of nearly 200 innovators.