Brazil leads the way

ISO 56002 certified companies, Brazil leads the way in ISO Innovation
(Neifer França)

The ISO 56002 Standard was officially launched on 15/07/2019 to be the first ISO standard for innovation and help companies to be more innovative through structured management.

Just one week after the publication of the Standard, Brazil already had two companies certified ISO 56002, companies that were already implementing the Standard since the initial drafts and already had a culture of structured and mature innovation, which made the adoption of ISO 56002 something natural in their processes.

It should be noted that, as ISO 56002 is a norm of guidelines and not requirements, the certification is performed by conformity attestation, that is, the QMS auditors go to the company, perform the whole audit process, search for evidence, understand the implementation of the norm in the organization and certify the conformity of the innovation management system in accordance with ISO 56002. All processes with the highest level of credibility, following all international audit protocols.

I demonstrate in this post the case of two companies certified ISO 56002 a week after the publication of ISO 56002:

CSI Equipment Leasing

A company with an innovative DNA and a culture of innovation that transcends organizational processes. The 72-employee company, located in Fortaleza/CE, implemented the processes and adjustments of ISO 56002 in about 4 months, because it already adopted many innovation tools, which helped in the audit process and adequacy to ISO 56002 guidelines.

CSI has as scope, insights management and innovation projects, based on core business (rental of audiovisual equipment for events, rental of generators, outsourcing of IT), and new business models, using Strategic Innovation, Incremental, Functional and Exponential.

The company went through 5 days of intense audit with verification of processes, understanding of strategic planning, interview with employees, verification of projects, and all processes of a management systems audit. What culminated in the certificate of conformity as one of the ISO 56002 certified companies.

The auditor of the process scored the greatest strengths of the organization, such as: DNA of Innovation, gamified and digital platforms, team engagement, fluidity and agility of the insights and actions and mainly the competence and know-how of the company. CSI is an example of a Brazilian company to be followed, agile, innovative and committed to continuous improvement of its internal processes.


The company with an intensive search for knowledge and innovation in new products also obtained ISO 56002 certification. The company located in São Paulo/SP, with 146 employees, implemented the innovation management system in about 6 months and obtained significant gains with the better structuring of the innovation process.

Mazzaferro has as scope the management of insights for design and marketing of new products and services related to yarns, utilities, color charts and adjacencies.

The company went through 6 days of audits, where all areas were audited, from production processes, patent management, research and development, among others. At the end of the process the company received the certificate of conformity with ISO 56002 certified companies.

The auditor pointed out as strong points of the company’s process the investment in new products/segments, documentary structure, team engagement and technical competence of those involved. Mazzaferro adapts to Industry 4.0 with ISO 56002 certification, and becomes a reference in the industrial sector.

ISO 56002 certified companies

CSI and Mazzaferro come out ahead as the first companies to receive the ISO 56002 certification on July 22nd, 2019, which becomes an important milestone for the culture of innovation in the country and an example for other organizations, whether industrial or service companies.

Your company can join CSI and Mazzaferro as ISO 56002 certified companies, contact us and learn more about the ISO 56002 certification process.

Published in QMS Brazil blog on August 22nd,  2019: