Fator Brasil: exclusive agency for beauty market

Mazzaferro creates business unit of the company focused exclusively on communication services.

Mazzaferro, a company with 65 years of experience in the industrial sector, is giving a new and important direction to its history. The company has just announced the creation of its first business unit focused exclusively on services: an integrated marketing agency specializing in the beauty segment, 3Chology. The division is born independent, but taking advantage of the synergy with other businesses of the Group.

The idea emerged as a consequence of the expansion strategy, which is founded on the transition from economies of scale, to those of scope. “For many years, Mazzaferro focused on commodities. But the company went through a restructuring and today also operates in niche products with higher added value,” explains the CEO of Mazzaferro Monofilamentos, Claudio Mazzaferro.

The greatest example of this synergy is found in Color Charts, a business unit that for three years produces cards of wicks to demonstrate hair coloring with high intangible value. It was precisely this division which aroused the interest in expanding into the services segment, given that the team of this unit began to be actively approached by customers, who increasingly demanded additional marketing services, motivated by the quality of the design presented.

It was then that Mazzaferro’s beauty professionals engaged in market research and identified the opportunity. “Mazzaferro is a company that has creativity, innovation and high level of expertise in its DNA. We studied in depth the beauty market, we visited national and international fairs and, this degree of knowledge on the subject caught the attention of customers,” recalls Fabricio Saad, director of the agency.

3Chology was born with three focuses of action: trade, products and digital. Trade is focused on the design of packaging, catalogues, POS actions and promotion. The products pillar operates in brand positioning, launches, capturing innovation and trends. The digital area offers web services, content and inbound marketing, as well as performance campaigns and social media management. “We have a commitment to the client that goes from start to finish, even monitoring the financial results arising from our work,” ensures Saad.

As complementary differentials of the entire process, 3Chology developed its own methodology, based on Design Thinking, one of the most used innovation techniques in the market, inviting the client to participate in a co-creation format from the beginning of the partnership. Moreover, it created a unique selling proposition of guaranteed satisfaction. “Should there be any structural flaw in the process, the agency compensates the client in hours of work in the next project,” he explains.

With all this preparation, the expectations for the new business are the best. “We understand that the beauty market is very specific, requires operational refinement and a different emotional understanding. Having an agency especially dedicated to the segment is a great competitive differential,” he acknowledges. By the end of 2018, 3Chology is preparing to serve five pre-selected clients. In 2019, the goal is to reach no more than 12 clients, seeking to maintain, in this way, its purpose and competitive differential. “We have a very prepared team, including a professional from the chemical area, with great knowledge in cosmetic actives. Our best results indicator will be the satisfaction of more than 90% of clients. That’s what we are already working hard for, “concludes the managing director.

Mazzaferro Monofilaments: Founded in 1984, Mazzaferro Monofilamentos is the largest producer of technical yarns in Latin America and serves more than 50 different industrial transformation chains. In addition to the Monofilaments business unit, the company operates three other units: Linea Bella (houseware), Mazzaferro Medical (medical devices) and Mazzaferro Color Charts (catalogues and displays for the cosmetics sector). | http://mazzaferromonofilamentos.mazzaferro.com.br

Published in Fator Brasil website on August 11th, 2018: