First ISO innovation certificate in Brazil

First ISO innovation certificate arrives in Brazil

Innovation is necessary for the growth and competitiveness of any business. But while other crucial factors in running a business (such as production, profitability or market reach) can be easily checked and analyzed, organizations sometimes find it difficult to measure and implement measures that lead to innovation. This scenario should change, in the country, with the arrival of norm 56.002 of ISO, the Organization of International Standardization. The new certification precisely establishes the best concepts and practices for innovation. And an industry in São Paulo was the first to obtain the certificate: MZF4.

To ensure certification, MZF4, a manufacturing company, had the help of Palas, a quality management consultancy. “We started the implementation in August, still with the draft version. We made the necessary adjustments and, fortunately, we got the certification in the same week that the standard was officially published”, explains Alexandre Pierro, founding partner of Palas. Pierro, who is the presenter of the Excellence in Management series, from the Premium Administrators, was a member of the ISO technical committee that established the 56.002 standards.

According to him, the new seal intends to allow a real classification between what is innovation and what is not. “It is an international certification that guarantees that innovation is not just a speech, but an inherent culture in the company’s daily life. The proposal is to create a policy capable of supporting the organization in the development of new processes that accompany the volatile world in which we find ourselves”.

ISO 56.002 Innovation Certificate

The technical innovation committee was created by ISO in 2008, initiating studies for the elaboration of a specific standard for the subject. In 2013, the committee had already raised all the innovation standards of the 163 associated countries — including Brazil. As of 2015, meetings to prepare the standard began. The seal was published on July 15 at the ISO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The norm is not intended to stifle innovation processes. Unlike other certifications, which preach requirements, this is a standard of guidelines, which presents a series of methodologies and tools for the company to choose the ones that best adapt to its needs.

ISO 56002 is anchored on six pillars: visionary leadership, insight management, risk management, adaptive culture, value realization and process approach. “The biggest challenge is to create a culture of innovation, making innovations happen in a systematic way, and not sporadically. We first need to develop the innovation mindset and then create processes that guarantee its effectiveness”, argues Alexandre Pierro.

Now, ISO 56002 is available to any company that wants to ensure that its management processes follow the best practices in the world with a focus on innovation. “This will be a great opportunity to transform Brazilian companies, disseminating ideal innovative conducts to face the challenges that are being imposed every day. Companies have already realized that the world has changed and they need to change together to remain active”, he concludes.

Published in Administradores website on July 24th, 2019: