Mazzaferro Household and Brazilian Northeast

This week we received the visit of important distributors from the Northeast of Brazil. Great opportunity to further strengthen ties with our partners in the region.

May 16th: Compare Paraty Group (Pernambuco, Alagoas and Bahia) with the presence of Luiz Antônio (Purchasing Manager) and Janio Leal (Buyer).

May 17th: Jorge Batista Group (Piauí and Maranhão) with the presence of Mr. Jairon Batista (President) and his wife, Mrs. Angelucy Batista. Also Edilvan Coelho (Commercial Manager) and Rubens Soares (Purchasing Manager).

May 17th: Nordece (wholesaler and distributor operating in Paraíba state) with Alexandre Acioly (Sales Manager) and Mrs. Volnete (Buyer).

May 18th: Distributor Lins (Mossoró) with the presence of Gildo (Purchasing Manager), Judson (Sales Supervisor) and Francimar (Salesman).

Thanks to all the professionals for coming to us, bringing great insights and references for the evolution of our work!

Eduardo De Callis | Sales & Marketing Director
Antônio Luiz Ferraz | Business Manager
Mônica Vilah | Plant Manager
Maycon Santos | COO

Mazzaferro Household: a MZF4 business unit.