Minas Gerais (Brazil) Roadshow

Some moments of our roadshow in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil) last week.

Tricostura: one of the largest companies producing polo collars for t-shirts located in Divinópolis.
Rosana de Freitas (Supplies)

Santanense: a company with 132 years… products aimed at the fashion segment and professional clothing supply the Brazilian and international market.
Rodrigo Dias (Production Supervisor) and Nilton Bispo (Quality)

Valmet: increasingly strengthening our Commercial, Quality and R&D partnership.
Leonardo Ferreira (Sourcing and Procurement), Alexandre Santorelle Silva (Production), Lucas Lima dos Santos (Quality) and Elisa Castro (Product Development)

Fiteca: in the market for 25 years producing cotton and synthetic fabrics for various segments such as twill and canvas.
Wemenson Aparecido (Supplies) and Flavio Augusto (Weaving)

Cedro: with more than 150 years of tradition, and one of the main textile companies in the country. Produces denims, brims and fabrics that make up the mix both, in professional line and in technical fabrics.
Thiago Souza Reis (Purchasing) and Marques Davidson Santos (Buyer)

Thanks to everyone for the nice welcome!

Julio Tsukada | Business Manager
Guilherme Tosetto | Commercial Intern