From November 21st to 25th we had the 2022 edition of SIPATMA: our Internal Week for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and the Environment at MZF4. All teams (from all shifts) were presented to very important topics such as Quality of Life, Accident Prevention, Ergonomics and Conscious Waste Disposal.

(Why take risks? Health first!)

November, 22nd: intervention in the areas
• EPIs use
• protection of hands

November, 22nd: theatrical intervention
• quality of life
• accident prevention
• ergonomics

November, 23rd: lecture
Knowledge is Health Group: “Health and Prevention”
• Prostate Cancer Prevention

November, 24th
Good Eyes Campaign (Visbel Óticas)

November, 25th: lecture
“The Importance of Conscientious Disposal”

November, 25th: lecture (3rd shift)
• Prostate Cancer Prevention

Final step: gifts raffle!

A week of great learning for everyone!

Marina Muniz | Quality & EGS Manager
Fernanda Martins | EGS Technician