Canal Executivo: new houseware factory

Mazzaferro invests R$ 5 million in houseware factory

Innovation is a basic premise for Mazzaferro, a company with 65 years of experience in the nylon segment. The Monofilament division, founded in 1984, is the one that stands out the most in this regard. The company was a pioneer when it launched, 34 years ago, under the brand name Linea Bella, the first synthetic broom made of nylon thread. Now it announces a R$ 5 million investment in its industrial park in order to double its production capacity, from 500 thousand to 1 million units a month.

For having more than half a century of experience in this business, the company dedicated itself to developing a superior quality bristle, baptized as Filtek, that does not bend or deform like common brooms. The result is durability that can be up to three times longer than any other brand on the market. “Regular brooms lose performance within a few weeks of use. This superior bristle is our biggest differential,” says the unit’s business manager, Sidney Covilo.

It is due to this great acceptance that the company has about 99% presence in small and medium retailers in the North and Northeast regions. In these states, the brands Lady and Lindona, which compose Linea Bella, are recognized as the most remembered brands by consumers. For this reason, Mazzaferro Monofilamentos is investing in order to expand to other markets. “We are opening space in the Midwest region, to later reach the Southeast and South,” reveals the manager.

Currently, about 20% of the production is already destined to countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Honduras. The company also has distribution in Miami, Florida, USA. “This investment allowed us to expand the industrial park from less than four to ten thousand square meters in our plant in São Paulo. We redesigned the entire layout and invested in new machinery to increase production. This improvement process makes our products even more competitive in Brazil and abroad.

Linea Bella is composed of 16 products, including brooms, squeegees, clothes brushes, toilet brushes, dish brushes and dustpans. “Our goal is to meet the consumer’s needs in all of their house cleaning needs. We invest in pieces with differentiated design, in order to satisfy all tastes and preferences of customers,” concludes Covilo.

Published in Canal Executivo blog on August 25th, 2018: