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Mazzaferro invests R$ 3 million in solid waste management system and reverse logistics

Mazzaferro Monofilamentos, focused on specialties of high added value, has promoted a radical change of course in the culture of its parent company Mazzaferro S/A, migrating from economies of scale to economies of scope over the past 15 years. This strategic change, also brought the requirement to produce environmentally sustainable products, aimed at optimizing the variable cost and, consequently, the economic result of the company.

Certified ISO 9001:2015 since 1997, and ISO 13485:2003 (medical devices) since 2016, Mazzaferro Monofilaments has invested 3 million reais over the last three years in a modern system for recycling the post-industrial waste generated within the group. “Using the expertise coming from many years in the production of polymers, today Mazzaferro Monofilamentos transforms 600 tons/year of waste, which return to the condition of raw material,” says plant manager, Miriam Bastos.

Of these 600 tons, more than half comes from the implementation of a sophisticated reverse logistics, which collects in the national territory fishing nets in disuse, which would take more than 800 years to be absorbed by the environment. In 2016, Mazzaferro Monofilamentos, with the help of Assenas Ambiental, formalized its solid waste management plan (PGRS) and reverse logistics (RS), which earned it the approval to supply L’Oréal, current client of Mazzaferro Color Charts, a division that manufactures wicks cards for hair coloring demonstration. The investments dedicated to recycling and environmental management in recent years have yielded a consistent economic return, reducing the variable cost per unit produced. This optimization of the transformation chain has been converted into market share, making everyone happy: society, customers and suppliers.

Published in Logweb magazine on August, 2nd 2018: