Mazzaferro invests in a new surgical line

The Italian group Mazzaferro, which has been present in Brazil for 65 years and has two factories in the region, one in Diadema and another a few meters from the border with São Caetano do Sul, will invest R$ 5 million in the assembly of a new line of surgical products, which should start operating in May. In addition, the group’s innovation and technology arm, MZF4, is also in the process of certification under the brand new ISO 56002 standard, launched in April in Europe and which recognizes the promotion of an innovative culture that maximizes management processes and generates results from of ideas.

Fabrício Saad (photo: Pedro Diogo)

The QMS team was at the company this week for an audit. “If all goes well, in May we will also be certified and we will be the first company in Latin America with this certification”, says Fabricio Saad, MZF4 marketing director.

Mazzaferro has a factory in Diadema, which specializes in fishing products, and another in Vila Natália, on the border of São Paulo and São Bernardo do Campo, where various products are manufactured from monofilaments. They range from surgical threads to brushes and brooms, passing through the manufacture of all types of bristles for the toothbrush industry. The line of surgical threads will increase and will be assembled in a special area to avoid contamination. This line will have prosthetic screens in addition to other items. “We are going to meet a global demand for these products, a growing demand”, says the marketing director. Most of the production will be exported.

The R$ 5 million invested was spent on the engineering and machinery project and the line will operate at the Vila Natália unit. This is just a small part of the investment. In the last five years, R$ 20 million were invested in the group for the expansion of factories, product lines, sustainability processes and brand building, as in the case of MZF4. In the environmental area, which has worldwide appeal, Mazzaferro is heavily involved in recycling. “As we produce products for fishing (at the Diadema unit) we do all the reverse logistics, we receive everything that is taken from the sea, such as nets and lines, and we recycle it”, he says.

Another area of ​​activity is beauty, with the development of colored threads according to the shades of hair dyes, to illustrate catalogs of brands that supply the Brazilian market and other countries. There are more than a thousand color combinations and this is one of Mazzaferro’s main export products, alongside surgical threads. In the Color Charts line, it is considered a leader in Latin America. In the domestic utilities segment, it says it is the leader in the North and Northeast of the country; in the medical area it is among the main players in the world, in bristles we are among the two main ones in Latin America, and it believes that it is the first in products for fishing among Latin countries. “It is impossible in our daily lives not to have contact with Mazzaferro products, whether it be brushing our teeth, or in the car where our line is on the seam of the seat, the seat belt or the seam of the tire, everything has our product”, he comments. .

The company currently employs 500 people and, soon, the number will increase with the new surgical line. Recently the company entered the musical segment with products from the Hyper.Pro line of acoustic guitar, ukulele and electric guitar strings. Production began in January of this year and the material already supplies the entire country.

New ideas
Within the concept of valuing ideas, which earns it the possibility of certification under the ISO 56002 standard, Mazzaferro distributes suggestion boxes in all departments and all employees are encouraged to participate. “The ideas that are used guarantee a prize to the collaborator”, explains Saad. Cintia Serafim was the author of one of the ideas incorporated by the company. He proposed saving resources with a campaign based on notices such as ‘turn off the lights when leaving the room’. Based on the proposal, the entire company received stickers with alerts. “Our goal is to continue with the path of increasing added value, valuing ideas that help reduce costs, and new product ideas and increasing the quality of existing ones”, adds Fabrício Saad.

Published in Reporte Diário website on April 25th, 2019: