20% growth in 2018 and celebrating 35 years

With 20% growth in 2018 and celebrating 35 years, Mazzaferro Monofilamentos now has strategic branding.
Mazzaferro4 – Innovation for you – is the new name of the company.

Where a product from Mazzaferro Monofilamentos arrives from now on – whether in Brazil or in one of the more than 60 countries around the world to which the company exports – it will arrive with a new brand: Mazzaferro4 – Innovation for you. The oxygenation of the brand is the result of the consolidated growth of this division of the Mazzaferro Group in recent years. MZF4 concentrates the main releases of the holding and the new branding is aligned with the strategic positioning of the company, focusing on innovation, creativity and customization.

“The MZF4 brand reflects our focus on creating high-value solutions, with a broad dose of innovation and sustainability. We stopped being a commodity company years ago and transformed into a major center of innovation and creative economy. It was time for our fastest growing division, in terms of annual revenue, to communicate this clearly and reflect our positioning,” explains Claudio Mazzaferro, CEO of the company.


In 2018, MZF4’s growth was 20%. Expansion that follows in the double digits in the last five years. And the forecast is to continue at that same pace in 2019. Behind the consolidated growth is one action: investment and research in innovation.

“Effectively, 70% of MZF4’s products are customized solutions for each of our customers, something that will now become even more explicit with the new brand, and even when our physical product is not customized, our intangible product, the service, is highly personalized. It’s the transformation of products into services,” adds Claudio.


Over the last four years, MZF4’s business units have received investments of R$ 20 million in the evolution and diversification of its product lines. An example is the recently launched musical strings unit. Hyper PRO is Mazzaferro’s own brand, in partnership with the American company La Bella, and enters the market to compete with the most renowned foreign players.

Four other business units form MZF4: Color Charts, which manufactures hair color wicks for Coty, L’Oréal and all the largest companies in the continent; Medical, focused on traditional non-absorbable surgical sutures with very high added value, serving companies such as Covidien/Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson; Monofilamentos, with technical threads for dental and hair brushes, industrial sewing threads, lawn mowers, among many other applications; and Linea Bella, producing brooms, squeegees, and brushes for the continental market.


The new brand also reinforces the international movement of the company, which brings together a portfolio of more than 100 customers from over 60 countries around the world. “We are indeed an international company, both for our focus on exports and for our connection with the world to seek new technologies and business models. Today, we are one of the only companies in the world that produces mass-dyed nylon yarn for hair coloring. This technology, which we brought from Italy, embodies high innovation”, explains Claudio.

The share of exports in MZF4’s net revenue, in 2018, was 30%. And the perspective is to increase this representation to 50%, by 2022. This result has been leveraging MZF4’s share in the revenues of the group, founded in 1953.


The new brand MZF4 is the result of six months of research and dedication of Mazzaferro’s own team. “We listened to dozens of stakeholders and decided on a brand that would translate innovation and, at the same time, honor the history and strength of Mazzaferro. Our brand valuation brought attributes that we want to reinforce with MZF4: trust, quality, excellence and service,” adds Fabricio Saad, CMO of Mazzaferro.

In the choice of colors, a more diversified and lively palette brings the dialogue of the MZF4 division with the modern. There are 35 years of history and products that become innovative solutions for markets in Brazil and abroad.


Mazzaferro is the largest reference in Latin America in creative solutions for high value-added products made from yarn. The holding company has two divisions: fishing products and MZF4. The latter is active in the medical, beauty, houseware, industrial sewing thread, dental bristles, and musical instruments areas – with the recently launched Hyper.PRO -, among others. MZF4 has dozens of products that positively impact and transform about 50 business chains, and is present in the daily lives of thousands of people in Brazil and worldwide, exporting to over 60 countries.

(Elaine Cristina d’Avila)

Published in SEGS website on February 25th, 2019: